Chronic pain can suck the life out of you.  There are many remedies claiming to be ‘the answer’ and it can cost a small fortune trying them all out in the hope that it really is and then you have to cope with the disappointment if you don’t get the relief you’d hoped for.  It is no wonder that a lot of chronic pain sufferers give up trying and just increase the dosage of painkillers.

You only have to go to the Happy customers page to see that for a lot of people the Body IQu method has given them freedom from their pain.  The wonderful thing about the bodyIQu approach is that you are given the knowledge to cure yourself in the form of a series of effortless exercises.  And so, unlike many treatments where relief is temporary and you have to make regular visits to a practitioner to maintain it, with BodyIQu you can treat yourself by doing the exercises as and when you need them.  And even though you will have some immediate relief, the effect is cumulative so the more you continue to do them the better your freedom of movement will become.

It only needed a few sessions with Gore to get to the root of a problem that was giving me chronic back difficulties every time I played golf. 18 months on, I’m still following Gore’s suggestions and I’ve been injury free since  Mike Nash  Health Expert and author of Aggressive Health  eliminate pain at last pain relief reliever  energy vitality